Organization of events of any complexity in Odessa

Organization of events of any complexity in Odessa

Business events

Business events are an integral part of the development strategy of a modern company. They strengthen the corporate culture and form a positive image in the market. If you are looking for new opportunities to promote your company, it's time to turn to this effective tool and order a creative business event.
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Why hold business events?

Business events are useful for solving various business problems:

  • employee training;
  • strengthening intra-corporate ties;
  • advertising your own products and services;
  • expansion of business contacts;
  • strengthen business relationships with partners;
  • attracting a new target audience;
  • search for sponsors.

In addition, a well-organized event is an ideal platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience in a professional environment.

Modern formats of business events

The most popular types of business events:


A meeting of speakers from different companies to discuss topical issues in their industry.


Educational interactive events to improve the skills of company employees.


Presentation of the company's goods and services to attract new consumers, potential partners and sponsors, as well as to advertise products in the media.

Business receptions

Official meetings of partners to discuss business issues.

Round tables

Image events during which representatives of business, science, politics and other areas discuss socially important issues.

A separate type of business event is a forum that can combine several different event formats at once.


Steps of event creation

  • Receiving a request from a client.
  • Discussing project details with client, setting goals.
  • Preparing a proposal and calculating the cost of services.
  • Discussion of the concept and individual elements of the proposal.
  • Design approval and costing with client.
  • Signing the contract and making payment.
  • Developing the scenario and timing of the event, preparing layouts and test samples.
  • Approval of all steps in preparing an event with a client.
  • Successful implementation of the event.
  • Providing photo and video materials to the client.
  • Signing the certificate of completion.

Benefits of working with the Event Market

  • Individual approach

    We don't work with pre-made templates. The format of the event, location, content are offered based on the wishes of the client and the tasks that need to be solved.
  • Affordable prices

    We guarantee a transparent estimate with justification of the cost of each component of the event. We take into account the cost of services when preparing a project in order to optimally fit into your budget.
  • Full event support

    We will not leave a single detail unattended: development of the script and timing, selection of artists, photographers and other specialists, technical support of the event, transfer of company employees, location design, production of props and gift fund...
  • Diversity of locations in Odessa

    We have a large database of venues for corporate events, so we will be able to order a location for you that suits both in terms of cost, area, and style.
  • Wide range of services

    We offer more than 500 services at competitive prices. We work with artists and musicians from all over Ukraine, and we are ready to implement interesting content for an event of any scale.
  • Our production

    We provide a full cycle of services for the production of materials - from the development of an idea and a layout to the final installation. Promotional materials, portable structures, branding and decor elements, original gifts are produced in the Event Market!
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  • Отзыв Катарский Константин
    Катарский Константин
    Руководитель одесского подразделения ООО «Сантэ-Алко»

    Роман и его команда организовали нам не одно мероприятие, начиная от предоставления хостесс под небольшие вечеринки и заканчивая организацией трёхдневного досуга иностранной группы с ресторанами, дискотеками, экскурсиями и конференцией. Ребята всегда очень креативно подходили к решению разнообразных задач, так что результатом мы всегда были довольны.

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    Бакаев Давид
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    Всегда все было чётко, слажено, а главное так, как хотелось нам. Спасибо Роману и его команде за профессионализм.

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    Баранов Владимир
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    Делать праздник никак не легче чем делать работу. Сделать хороший праздник — под силу только профессионалам и людям с особым характером. Агентство событий «Event Market» умеет сделать праздник на любой вкус, тему и аудиторию. А главное не создает проблем тем, для кого делает праздник и предложит лучшее на ваш бюджет.